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In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda,Each destination is distinctive in character as the park is part of the virunga Massif it has a lot to explore including conservation projects and wildlife adventures, Nature walks and viewing the primates in the wild, community visits. let the experts show you what Volcanoes national Park has to offer to travelers that decide to visit Rwanda for a memorable Safari Holiday.

Rwanda Volcanoes National Park is the home to the mountain Gorillas that were first conserved by Dian fossey that was killed in 1985 by the poachers in the forest and the places to be visited by Eco Safaris to Rwanda comprise of the grave of the Dian Fossey.

Volcanoes National Park being once an active volcano in Africa it has the crater lakes that remained after it becoming a dormant volcano in Africa and this lave formed various mountains like Karismbi and Bisoke all on Rwanda and are open for hiking.

Again in Volcanoes Rwanda, being forest in Rwanda it has near by communities that are worth visits on Nature walks to explore the surrounding communities in the park and these communities are supported by Volcanoes National Park as the compensation for them agreeing to stop exploiting the forest. Watch the Eco friendly diversity of the park on a nature walk.