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Easter Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Rwanda with Active African Vacations

Easter Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Rwanda with Active African Vacations

Are you interested in Visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda this Easter of 2016? Active is among the Leading Tour Operators that are offering discounted Gorilla Excursions to Volcanoes National Park under their website called Rwanda Gorilla Trek.

According To the travel Writer of the company by Names of Jackqueline Explains why travelers are advised to Visit Rwanda by providing the Best Facts About the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park to Inspire other Gorilla Lovers to come for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda with Rwanda Gorilla Trek Managered by Active African Vacations under the Help of the Reservation Manager Maggie that will guide to Tailor the Gorilla Tour to Rwanda with the Possibility of Extending the Gorilla Safari to Congo & Uganda.

When visiting the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, one should not miss out on the magnificent opportunity to visit Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park consisting of 125 km2 of mountain forest and home to the six Virunga Volcanoes and the world’s famous interesting mountain gorillas.

Around only 480 mountain gorilla still exist in the forest today. For years gorillas have been ruthlessly hunted for their hands and heads and skin, which are sold on as macabre souvenir ashtrays and lamp shades. Additionally, large numbers of mountain gorillas have been killed whilst trying to stop poachers stealing babies which are illegally sold on to zoos, where their survival rate is low.

The reason as to why that the permits are so costly is because each park only issues 10 permits per gorilla family per day to ensure that the gorilla’s exposure to humans is limited to 100% of the gorilla permit cost is used by the government to continue in the excellent work they do in protecting and promoting these wonderful animals plus encouraging conservation among people. The trekkers gather at 7:00am morning at the park headquarters to be grouped according to the difficulty of their hikes.

Trekking mountain gorillas on foot starts early in the morning and after border formalities you are transferred to a ranger’s station where the trek commences. Your rangers will lead you through the cultivated lands and then into the dense rain forest and as close as is allowed to a gorilla family. The rangers monitor the gorillas on a daily basis and have a fairly good idea of where they are. However, they are free roaming animals, and their sighting cannot be guaranteed. Trekking can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours and it can be quite tiresome, so a reasonable level of fitness is required. The will offer basic rules of the road to stay at least 7 metre feet away and keep voices low. No camera flashes and you avoid sustained eye contact or finger pointing. If a gorilla moves toward you, step calmly out of the way. If one charges, follow the guide’s instruction to drop to the ground in submission.

To ensure that the gorillas get too used to the presence of humans and because they share 98% of our genes and are therefore able to catch our diseases, the maximum time permitted to spend with them is 1 hour. You will have plenty of time to watch their activity as they play with each other, swinging from one tree to another, breast feeding, sleeping, and eating among others and to take photographs and videos. The rangers will be able to provide you with a background to the family you are visiting. Once your hour is up, you trek on foot again back out of the rain forest to your meeting point. Clients considering joining this trip should realise the demands and unpredictability of the areas visited. These factors may contribute toward restricting or delaying our trip and viewing of the gorillas. Often, the trek through thick, dense jungle can be somewhat strenuous and due to the nature of the gorillas and their habits, viewing cannot be guaranteed.

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