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Getting to Volcanoes National Park, Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Volcanoes national park Rwanda is among the top most easily accessed national parks with in the virunga Mountains located in Africa. The park can be accessed with 4×4 safari jeep.

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Accessibility of Volcanoes NP

This park is accessed either on the road or on flight. One can fly to Kinigi and then jump on to the safari jeep which will then take him/her to the gorilla briefing point. This park can also be accessed by road where one drives from Kigali to Ruhengeri for roughly two hours and then proceeds to Kinigi where the briefing point is located before heading to the actual gorilla trekking experience.

The most common basis for visiting the amazing Volcanoes Park is Musanze formerly renowned as Ruhengeri that can basically be reached using public transport coming from Gisenyi or from Kigali on the daily tracking activities. You will be needed to reach the head office of ORTPN found in Kinigi, at the entrance of the park by 7:00 am, although this isn’t a very reliable alternative for those who wish to get there by public transport. Nevertheless, there is not any public transport connecting from Musanze to the head office in Kinigi.

Distance of VNP from Cyanika border.

Rwanda is bordered by Uganda in the North.There are two entry points into Rwanda from Uganda namely Gatuna and Cyanika.However,the Cyanika border is the one one that is close to Volcanoes national park.Crossing via the Cyanika border  is only about 1 hour drive to Volcanoes National Park the most polar safari destination in Rwanda. From this point, it’s also one more hour drive takes you to Lake Kivu. Today for tourists holding the common tourist visa will go across the border even faster, because they do not need to pay the visa fee into Rwanda or Uganda. It is a very good development for tourism growth for the two countries.

Distance of NVP from Gisenyi

Located in Rubavu district, Gisenyi is a city with a population of about 106 000 people as estimated in 2009. The town is a home to a number of resorts on the shores of Lake Kivu, where a number of hotels are found and sandy beaches ideal for water sports.

Gisenyi is a resort for rich Rwandans and expatriates workers. Their beautiful landscape villas, plush Hotels and clubs take up virtually all lake Kivu frontage and are quite a contrast to African town-ship on the hillside above.

For those with the money, there is a variety of water sports available plus plush Hotels and Restaurants. For those without, their is a spectacular view over Lake Kivu, and looking Northwest, the 3470m high volcano of Nyiragongo, which blew it top and swallowed much of Goma in the neighboring Congo (Zaire) in early 2002. Swimming and sunbathing on the sandy beaches are free of charge. It is a pleasant town to stay in but is as to expected, expensive especially for those who want some action.The distance from Gisenyi to Volcanoes national park is 56 km meaning that it is approximately a 1 hours drive.

Distance of VNP from Kigali.

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali is Rwanda’s biggest city with a population of 850,000, it’s also the commercial capital of the country. Kigali was founded by the Germans in 1907 but only became Rwanda’s capital when the country became independent (from Belgium) in 1962. Kigali was at the center of the horrendous genocide that took place in 1994 which took the lives of 800,000 people and displaced many more in the space of just 100 days.

Since 1994, Kigali has slowly been rebuilt and incomes from tourisms (mostly coming to see the gorillas) as well as numerous aid workers have buoyed the capital’s economy. Kigali is a relatively safe and sophisticated small city, it has come a long way in a short time. Kigali is a pretty city which sprawls over several hills, its avenues are filled with flowering trees and it is surrounded by lush green mountains.

In Kigali you’ll hear people speaking Kinyarwanda, English, and French.

Kigali is often the first stop for tourists coming to see the gorillas in the Parc National Des Volcans (about 3 hrs drive from Kigali). Flights into the capital arrive from Brussels, Nairobi, Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Kilimanjaro, and Johannesburg. Tourists also arrive in Kigali by long-distance bus from Uganda. Kigali has a few interesting sights easily reached by taxi, they include:

Ruhengeri is one of the popular cities of Rwanda. It is located in the District of Musaze in the Northern provice of Rwanda. Most Travellers come to Ruhengeri on their waty to Vocanoes National Park, the best place in Africa to trek Mountain Gorillas. Althought it an small town, the views make up for it with the might virunga volcanoe – looming over the town to the north and west – Kirisimbi, Bisoke, Mikeno, Muside, Sabinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura.It is just a stone’s throw from Ruhengeri to VNP.