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The beauty of Volcanoes National Park  is that you’re spoilt for choice. Honeymoon hideaways, wine lands refuges, Eco-friendly havens, hotel hangouts, spa sanctuaries, backpacker retreats:

Rwanda offers virtually unlimited accommodation options. Whether you’re traveling alone; with your family or partner; or as part of a business group, you’ll certainly find places to stay that suit your pocket and satisfy your tastes.

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Rwanda is unique in the world for experiencing wondrous beauty and adrenaline pumping exploration – use the trip planner to discover and book some of the best activities that  Volcanoes National Park has to offer, and getting to Volcanoes national Park .

Best time to Visit Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is among the first oldest National Parks to be named in Africa and its part of the Virunga Mountain and its experiencing the mountane and Equatorial Type of Climate. Volcanoes National park can be visited any time depending on the Fitness of the Travelers. The park is Ever open from January to December and the Park doesn’t have Public Holidays.

January and February are usually fairly dry where gorillas make their habitat with Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya all experiencing good conditions for trekking at a time of year often thought of as low season.

The months of March, April and May form the rainy season in South East Africa as well as Cameroon and the Republic of Congo and many companies won’t run gorilla watching tours around this time.

June, July and August are the best time to go gorilla watching especially if you’re planning to combine travels in Tanzania thanks to the wildebeest migration taking place over the plains of the Serengeti.

The drier weather means better trekking and travelling conditions however, they’ll also be more wildlife watchers so this can indicate that tracking more elusive gorillas can prove to be all the more problematic.

September and October are the best time to go gorilla watching if you’re also planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as conditions are ideal for both activities and definitely worth undertaking before the rainy month of November comes into play.

By the middle of December things have dried up again although there will still be some showers and if you’re looking for alternative Christmas holiday ideas then you could do at lot worse than heading to East Africa to go gorilla watching.

How to Secure a Gorilla permit in Rwanda? Gorilla Passes Also known as Gorilla permits are Required to be Secured by Every Traveler that wishes to go gorilla Trekking in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park for Ultimate Experience of the Mountain Gorillas.  Gorilla Permits can be Secured in two ways as Explained Below.

  1. Gorilla permit Booked through Rwanda Development Broad , a Government Agency that is Responsible for Selling the Gorilla permit and it always Sells out 80 Gorilla permits Per Day and the maximum Number of Gorilla Trekkers in Volcanoes National Park is 8 per Group and Rwanda has 10 Gorilla Groups.
  2. The Second Option is securing a Gorilla permit through a Rwanda Tour Operator that will also charge you the same amount as RDB and Find the list of Recommended Rwanda Safari Companies that can make the Gorilla Safari a Memorable one during the visit in Rwanda

The Cost of the Gorilla permit is Always USD 570 Per person and its valid for one Gorilla Trekking on the Day specified by the Rwanda Development Agency.

How to Secure a Rwanda Visa or East African Tourists Visa, Since Rwanda is geographically among the East African Community, its possible to visit Rwanda once the Traveler has the East African Tourists Visa incase he or she intends to visit Uganda, Kenya after the Rwanda Safari holiday  and its always costing USD 100 and for those that are only visiting Rwanda you will be required to apply for the Rwanda Visa 30 Days before your Arrival in Rwanda for the Trip .

Incase an invitation letter is requested for always inform the tour operator to send you the letter to ease the visa process . Visit Rwanda immigration official  Site

What to Bring for Gorilla Safari Experience in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park,

Coming for a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda or an adventure to Volcanoes national Park , find the complete Guide of What to bring or pack for a true Primates Experience in the jungles of Africa in the Virunga Massif. Various Safari Companies offer a list of What to bring  for truth Gorilla Expedition.

Clothes Wear for Safari in Rwanda

When packing for your Rwanda Safari you may be tempted to bring a lot of safari gear with you but remember that you will be doing a lot of packing and unpacking when moving from one Lodge to another so try and bring as little luggage as possible. Rwanda Volcanoes National Park suggests that travelers coming for Rwanda have time and read through the  list of safari clothing that will help you pack the right safari gear to make a Rwanda safari enjoyable in the jungle.