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When to Visit

Best time to Visit, Go  Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes national Park Rwanda

Volcanoes national park covers about 125 km² of incredibly scenic forest-covered mountains, as well as a six volcanoes. An exhilarating Gorilla trek through the cultivated foothills of the Virungas offers stirring views in all directions. Then, abruptly, the trail enters the national park, immersing trekkers in the mysterious intimacy of the rain forest, alive with the calls of colorful birds and chattering of the rare golden monkey, and littered with fresh spoor of the mountains’ elusive populations of buffalo and elephant as the best safari activities enjoyed in Volcanoes national Park throughout the year from January to December . Through gaps in the forest canopy, the magnificent peaks are glimpsed, easily accessible and among the highest in Africa, beckoning an ascent.

When to visit Volcanoes national Park when planning a holiday to Rwanda? This section has important and practical travel information we recommend you read before you depart as its covering the best time to visit Rwanda or when to go to Rwanda for Various Safari Activities that are always enjoyed by Tourists & Travelers.

Rwanda’s rugged beauty and varied landscapes make it a spectacular destination to visit at any time of year starting for January to December at the end of the year.

The summer months of December to March bring long, bright and sunny days, ideal for visiting some of the country’s lovely beach of Lake Kivu or enjoying some of the many outdoor activities available, such as hiking and Congo Nile trail and  Golden Monkey Tracking.

Among the most loved safari activity in Rwanda is the gorilla tracking in Volcanoes national park which can be done all year round. The best time to gorilla trekking Rwanda is during the drier seasons periods between December to early March and June to September. December to March is a long dry season for Rwanda with temperatures going up to 29 degrees Celsius for some days while the months of March – Mid May, July to September on the other hand, are regarded as the rainy in the country.

Overall, Rwanda has a good weather throughout the year but the dry season is more preferable. The weather is generally good in addition as wildlife viewing is also more common during this time. For tourists interested in visiting gorillas – this is also the best time for gorilla tours since there is a minimal chance of rain during the trek and a good hiking terrain in the rain forest.

We still suggest your waterproof clothing even during these drier months, as this Equatorial climate is very unpredictable. This period is also a peak season; hence the prices can be higher on things like accommodation, car hire etc.

Accessibility of Volcanoes national Park

Volcanoes National Park is located in northern Rwanda, about 80 km from the capital, Kigali. Getting to the Volcanoes Park in northern Rwanda is quicker and easier than getting to Bwindi in Uganda. About a two and a half hours’ drive from Kigali, if you’re traveling on a tight budget you can catch a mini-bus taxi to Ruhengeri town, situated at the park entrance, or you can catch a taxi.

When is the best time to visit Volcanoes National Park?
Rwanda is beautiful no matter what time of the year or season you visit. The best time to visit Volcanoes national Park is the time that suits you best. However, if you have more than one date in mind, the following information may help with your travel plans. The warmest months of the year are from June through to  September and are the starting months for peak season in Volcanoes where travelers over book Gorilla permits.

When is the busy tourist season in Volcanoes Rwanda?
The busiest season for tourism in Volcanoes Rwanda is during the Summer period which runs from July to September and for Gorilla lovers that wish to go gorilla trekking are always advised to have booked their Gorilla permits and other Safari Activities in Advance a month before, this can be witnessed by Travelers that are always told by safari companies that no Availability of the Gorilla permits.

Can I drive in Volcanoes Rwanda?
In general, you can drive in Volcanoes Rwanda if you hold a current (valid) driver licence from another country or an international driving permit. If your licence is in a language other than English, an accurate translation is required. Your overseas or International driver licence is valid in Rwanda for up to 3 months.